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Defeat Foul Odors with Scented Filters

Nothing is more embarrassing than a terrible odor in your home or office. To combat the problem, Scented Air Filters offers customers in Houston and surrounding areas with effective solutions. Whether you choose AC and furnace filters or ceiling fan air fresheners, your indoor air will smell better immediately.

Filter Fresh

Enjoy the convenience of one-step air cleaning and scenting with Filter Fresh. Our economical and disposable AC and furnace filters help eliminate unpleasant odors with a fresh fragrance. Filters are available in all popular sizes so we have one to fit your HVAC unit. They also come in individually shrink-wrapped Aroma-Barrier bags to provide a 1-year shelf life.


Fragrances Include: 
Cinnamon, Citrus, Floral, Mountain Fresh and Vanilla.

Standard Sizes:
• 14x20x1
• 16x20x1
• 20x20x1
• 12x24x1
• 16x25x1
• 20x25x1

• 6-Pack: $23.95/Box
• 12-Pack: $44.95/Box

Special Order Sizes:

• 12x12x1
• 18x18x1
• 10x20x1
• 15x20x1
• 18x24x1
• 20x24x1
• 24x24x1
• 14x25x1
• 18x25x1
• 25x25x1
• 10x30x1
• 12x30x1
• 18x30x1
• 20x30x1

• 6-Pack: $27.95/Box
• 12-Pack: $48.95/Box

Fresh Scents for Your Home

Fan Fresh

If you just need to freshen up a single room, then our Fan Fresh is the product for you. Fan Fresh consists of scented 3M 3/4-inch urethane foam adhesive strips. Fan

When they're attached to your ceiling fan blades, the strips provide a circulating freshness throughout an entire room. These products can be used in an endless number of combinations to solve virtually any air quality problems.

• 2-Pack: $4.95
• 4-Pack: $6.95
• 6-Pack: $8.95

• Cinnamon
• Citrus
• Mountain Fresh
• Floral
• Vanilla

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